How Does It Work?

Every month BrainKase Gives will have a new product (or products) that will be available for a limited amount of time. Almost all of the profits from the sale of these products will be donated to the charity of the month.

Does BrainKase make any money from this?

BrainKase takes $1 per-product to offset the labor cost to create the designs, organize production and shipping, maintain the webstore, and do general administrative work for the program.

How Much is Donated?

It varies from product to product. We take the total amount made from the sale of a product, subtract $1 per-product, pay for production and shipping, and donate what is left. The bigger the profit margin on a particular product, the more money that gets donated! We try our best to offer fair pricing and high-quality products while still maximizing the amount donated.

In order to maximize the amount donated, we take advantage of quantity-based pricing. Sometimes we have to meet a certain minimum order for a product to be produced. If you see this on a product page, it means that at least that many must be purchased for the item to be made; otherwise all purchases of that item will be refunded in full, no donations will be made, and it will not be produced.

What if I just want to make a donation?

The link to the charity or non-profit that will receive the donation from the sales is always linked in the description. Please go donate or otherwise support them however you can!

Have More Questions?

Shoot us an Email at